What the judges say on Thursdays Djs

Its AFTERDARK with DJ.MGS and the Twisted Ragga Jungle ShowTune in at 6P PT and 9pm EST and 0200 GMT-London!only on Soundwaveradio

AfterDark With DJ.MGS DnB/Junglist: Yes that is correct, We’ve been away and out of the scene, but we are back, for now anyways, so Let’s Crack on as they say, and get this show Rolling like it should: Pappa G & Stevie Sp, BCee, Dungeon,/ Ku-ru/Liondub, Oakk/Rider Shafique/RadiaX, Perfect Music, Nymfo/Mideset, Break n Fox n […]

AfterDark With DJ.MGS DNB, recovering from some obstacles, and so here we are Tonight or where ever you maybe… Pump it UP!!! n have it LARGE!!DJ.MGS

Tonights show entitled : ‘PHUCK CANCER’With some recent events that have taken place, it sad to say a loss of a close member of our Family ‘Gail’we will always remember you and you are in our harts 4ever Bless! So with that said, we are just letting it Rip that DnB tonight, That’s Right his […]

AfterDark Drum and Bass With DJ.MGS, and sorting through some proper Choon’s for tonight Banger of a Mixed Show, Be sure to tune in wherever you maybe for some Drum\Bass/ at these times: 0200 LONDON, 4am JOHANNESBURG, 10am TOKYO, 6pm L.A, USA: 7pm DENVER, 8pm CHICAGO and 9pm NYC!! 🙂 Don’t forget to hit the […]

AfterDark With DJ.MGS with Ya Mid Week Junglistic Showwe are Pushing management at soundwaveradio to Lose the AFTERDARK Title, so please Bear with us as things i am sure will work out for the better.. bless… anyrate with last weeks show hitting the Charts like a Bomb on Dj MgS Mixcloud we put together another […]

After Dark With DJ.MGS: Junglistwent thru a Crate of Choon’s today and well… threes a lot here.. and no end to this sticky mess been playing around and choosing tracks for tonight Junglist Show with choons from Jungle, Ragga, Drum n Bass Drum sound and the sub genre list go’s ON… Be Sure To Stay […]

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