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A specialist in performing cutting-edge "Psychedelic Trance Music" and a thoughtful and well-ordered "Event Organizer" born in South India is hellbent on reaching his aim to be the No.1 Psychedelic Trance DJ in the world while his other impending aspiration is to unite the world through the psychedelic trance-dance culture. He has played music for his people in almost every type of environmental condition like top-notch dance clubs, beach shacks, open-air forest parties, house parties, garage scenarios, etc. He has spent an immeasurable amount of time playing music wherever he lived; practicing music on a daily basis while experimenting on new sounds all the time to perceive which sounds can leave an unprecedented impact to his own mind and then he categorizes those special sounds in the form of a playlist to play it out to the people that relate to him in any way possible on the best DJ interface technology aka ‘Native Instruments-Traktor Pro & Kontrol’. His favorite sub-genres of psychedelic trance music are ‘Full-on, Forest, and Hi-Tech’. Although he plays all other forms of psychedelic trance music and a myriad of other genres of music, he intends to stick to the aforementioned. Music struck his sensory perceptions at a very young age having been raised in an outlook of a modern family exposed to the various types of cultural music therein. He has also learnt about music in school in regards to songwriting and singing as he was growing up and that brought him a realization that music can imbibe positive vibrations and euphoria just by listening to it and by practicing music as a passion. He then began noticing that music can form and is forming a community; and he then thought he had something to do with music as a career. So afterwards in his late adolescents, he then enthusiastically began exploring the circuitry of the ‘EDM’ culture wherein ‘Underground Music’ was prevalent and was a growing trend and an imperative part of the Goan culture that which was closest to his hometown to experience comfortably and affordably, so, he did attend numerous shenanigans in Goa and in which he happened to have met thousands of musicians and musical fans from all around the world and exchanged opinions on music, then discussed the scope of music and eventually took a class on music. All of those memories are tenacious until this day he says. Moreover, he has collected ‘Gigabytes’ of music in studio-club ready for playback formats from approximately 1000 psychedelic trance musicians to perform for his people which he kept doing so for a really long time. He has in fact received music personally from some of the most renowned musicians from around the world. He says that music is the stimulating aspect of the connection between mankind and matter. Using hi-technology he intends to blend to bend diabolical minds, alter perceptions, captivate thoughts, release negative energies to connect the listener to the tangible and intangible sciences and spirituality with the help of psychedelic trance music and visionary projection and factually, he observed that the music that he has accumulated over the years can make people move and dance subconsciously and also bring chills and tingling sensations down the CNS abruptly and gradually put a listener into a symmetrical groove once familiar with the sounds and as the music ceremony is performed. The rarity of the acoustics of sounds that he has collected over the years has made people of his own dance like there was no tomorrow for a countless number of times in every musical session that took place which brought himself and his listeners umpteen exposure and exhilaration. By observing the connection between psychedelic trance music and dance, he found out that the magnificent everlasting experience within the commingling of the two factors could create a form of new age meditation aka active-meditation. Music is his most favorite form of art to experience in the ultimate technological reality that he coexists in and someday he desires to be a music producer by going to school for it and until then he will continue to stun the listeners with his choice of mesmerizing and invigorating musical acoustics to impress every listener that happen to come across him. However, he wants to unite the world through the spiritual, hypnotic and delirious psychedelic trance and dance rituals that a few elderly started back then somewhere in the mid 1900’s with an intention to a revolution and furthermore, he wants to bring innate harmony within every soul to help them learn to live happily without agony, bias and war for as long as they exist with the help of the musical sacraments that could possibly help in the uniting of the fans to harness definition to their own life with the inclusion of the scintillating acoustics of psychedelic sounds and jaw-dropping vocals that can inspire a new thought train and spark an inception to the limitless potential of the paradoxically superluminal thought chain. He thinks psychedelic trance music is the key to unlocking the secrets of the universe by putting a listener into the deepest form of meditation aka samadhi, along with the use of psychedelics which is the ever growing field of contemporary medicine which has been proven over and over again scientifically in recent years to enhance the thought process of the living species on a whole new level and being an elixir to the human condition. Finally, the variety of music he has has specifics to the acoustics which upon listening can illuminate and expand the consciousness in and of itself; to that of the listener and he also believes that the collective consciousness of the music community can help in the development of our planet and can also bolster in unravelling the deeper certitudes and resolve conspiracies of our planet and help us evolve together to achieve advancement in critical affairs crucial to existential growth and intelligence to drive us all to being a more civilized and unified community with the sense of reasoning and righteousness through our own volition inspired by the psychedelic trance artists and to also be conducive to unearth the secrecies of the entire universe as of how we are discerning it today.

im a trans dj in uk mixing in rave industry mainly vinly also cdjs i spin many styles happy hardcore , oldskool , dnb , jungle , nurave , breakz , uk hardcore

Hello World , I am a 57 year Old dj , i come from a family of musicians , singers and Musical score writers, Although i have been Djing since the 90s i have never really chased the gigs until the last year when i found out what my Pension will be worth. I have […]

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