Points mean prizes

Points and how they add up.

To make this competition fair to all, Soundwave will give each entrant a starting balance of 100 points.


Points are awarded for the following.

  • 100 points for uploading your set.
  • Spot on timing. (10 points)
  • Choice of music.(10 points)
  • Use of microphone to introduce yourself.(10 points)
  • Resident Dj picking your Mix for a guest slot (50 points)
  • Getting listener votes from any replays from our syndicate and community stations. (1 point per listener)
  • Your mix being included on 1 of our Internet channels (10 points)
  • Your mix being picked for our Showcase channel (20 points)
  • Your Mix being selected for our FM channels (30 points


Points are deducted for.

  • Incorrect timing (-1 point per second)
  • Poor choice of music (-2 points per track)
  • Fading out instead of mixing out (-5 points)
  • Not using the Soundwave identifier (-5 points)
  • Crunching more than 2 mixes (-5 points per track)
  • Explicit lyrics (-10 points per tune)
  • Cheating (-10000 points)


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