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The highly anticipated and globally recognized Soundwave World DJ Competition is scheduled to commence on the first of September in the year 2023. This grandiose event is known to bring forth an immense pool of talent, welcoming DJs from various corners of the world who will engage in a fierce and electrifying battle against each other to achieve the ultimate accolade of being crowned as the prestigious Soundwave World Champion DJ. The excitement and anticipation leading up to this international competition is palpable, with many counting down the days until the epic showdown between DJs who are the best of the best in their respective regions. For those who appreciate great music and exhilarating competitions, the Soundwave World DJ Competition is not one to be missed. Get ready for an action-packed, electrifying ride as you witness world-class DJs compete against each other in a bid to claim the coveted title as the Soundwave World Champion DJ.

 DJs battle it out weekly,

Points are awarded for exceptional sets with the winner advancing to the finals in September 2024.
Our resident Djs will judge your performance and award points as they see fit. More points can be achieved by votes from listeners.

Hello World , I am a 57 year Old dj , i come from a family of musicians , singers and Musical score writers, Although i have been Djing since the 90s i have never really chased the gigs until the last year when i found out what my Pension will be worth. I have […]


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