Soundwave Showcase

Welcome to Soundwave Showcase.

Would you like to hear your mix on the radio ?

We Give Djs the chance to expand further

Expanding your sound with ease.

Soundwave are giving all djs the chance to get there mix played on our mainstream radio stations on a prime time show* attracting 1000s of new listeners.

Stage 1

Showcase channel.

Your mix will be played on Showcase at a time suited for the genre and maximum impact from listeners.

Stage 2

Community Radio stations.

Your mix is played on our community radio stations across s/e England

Stage 3

Soundwave network

Your mix is played on all Soundwave digital services for UK, Inc Soundwave  Digital, Soundwave USA , Soundwave South Africa , Soundwave Europe

Stage 4

The full monty.

Get your mix played on all Soundwave channels ** inc our FM channels at both AM and Peak time slots.


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