Getting ready for your Soundwave Audition.

Built in encoders


If you are using Software like Traktor , VDJ or Sam broadcast , please make sure you have the latest updates installed.

Please configure your broadcast encoder as below.

Other encoders

If you are using Serato ,Rekordbox or software without a built in broadcast setting
An encoder will be required to translate the signal from you to our servers ,you will need to download the latest version of BUTT (broadcast using this tool)

You can download the latest version here

Please configure your chosen encoder as below.

Please note a password will be issued on the day of your audition.


Please make sure that your broadcasting computer is connected to the router or modem via an ethernet cable for optimal sound quality and speed.
All encoders should be set on a broadcast rate of 320kbps.

Please ensure all Xbox , playstations ,downloads and Netflix are switched off or disconnected from the internet.

Listening in

Your audition will be available on the internet only and can be accessed from the following links.
We encourage you invite any fans or friends along so we can see how you interact with the audience.

Your friends can listen in from the following locations.


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