Single appearance full event.

Written by on October 30, 2021

This package is suitable for
All events with a Sound system & Lighting.

Soundwave will send the international Dj of your choice to your event for a total of 2.5 hrs.
This includes a 2hour live music set and 30 minutes of crowd interaction for Photographs with your guests or clients.
6 x Special guest Djs ,These Soundwave sponsored guests will all be headline acts flying in from Cape Town , Durban and Johannesburg .

Included as standard with your booking.

  • Soundwave International Dj of your choice
  • 6 Soundwave Sponsored Djs
  • Full video recording of our artists performance at your event.
  • Radio adverts across Soundwave South Africa radio network.
  • Mentions of your event (if required) at our media interviews and radio station appetences.
  • Subscriber email & push notifications notifying the people in your area of your event.

Soundwave insist on the following before any booking is taken.

  • Security.
    Our headliner will require Security to escort them too and from your event to a waiting vehicle at the venues main entrance.
    For crowds over 1000 attendees,  we will require a minimum of 4 professional security officers to accompany our headliner at all times in public areas.
  •  Media and Press.
    Our headliner may be accompanied by a news reporter & videographer (2 persons only)  from 1 of 3 media outlets covering the Soundwave tour.  These reporters will require written consent to film and interview members of the  public at your location. Our team will send you the form with your booking invoice.
  • Booking Deposit.
    Soundwave require a deposit of 25% to confirm any booking . This can be paid directly into our Bank account or be paid via Paypal. The remainder of the balance to be paid on the arrival of the headliner.

Event type

Events up to 150 attendee’s

Events up to 500 attendee’s

Events up to 1500 attendees

Events over 1500 attendees

Corporate events

Private Events (no admission charge)

Price inc VAT.







Extra appearance time.

None available.

£45 per hour

£45 per hour

£45 per hour

£45 per hour

None available.

Closing date for bookings is 21st January 2022.

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