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Eddie Amador “ The Grammy Nominated House Music Visionary & Legend” on SOUNDWAVE RADIO WEDNESDAY 16 Jan 2019 20:00 LONDON (GMT) 21:00 PARIS, ROME (CET) 14:00 NEW YORK (EST) Live stream on Soundwave Radio in AfterDark House hosted by Klemenz

It’s that time 4 hours of uninterrupted House goodness…. tune in for SoulGlo! The House Show Hosted by SoulGlo Satuday’s 92.3 FM Soundwave Radio London WORLDWIDE

AFTER DARK Jungle JAM With DJ.MGS Vol.04 ‘Ragga Dubz‘ Taken it slow ‘n’ Easy With this mix, With some Top Ragga Jungle J/\M that you’ve become to known over the years, Bringing you new beat with some pots ‘n’ pan’s in this mix 😉 so, heads up… anyhow, hopes you enjoy this mix as you […]

 Mad Growling SCi3NTiST Vol.03 for 2019 ‘The Learning Curve’  Taking a New turn In the D’n’B Direction M/\D Growling SCi3NTiST Locates Some of the top and off the Wall Choons Just for this show to Bring you the Very Best in This of Sound of Drum n Bass. Big ups to All the bass heads […]

🦁A.D. Jungle Jam With DJ.MGS🦁 It’s The Weekend!! We got the ‘Tarzan’ and ‘Jane’ of Ragga Jungle, Swinging in the Vine Just this morning mate,, We’re telling ya; This could turn ‘Hare-Krishna’ into a ‘Bad Bwoy!’ Das Right!! Tune in at 9Pm on if you Love the Sound of ‘Jungle‘, and Love ‘Ragga‘, ‘Ska‘  […]

SWR Presents After Dark ‘Drum ‘n’ Bass’ Damage By: DJ.MGS.  Tune in for a tight Show, that’s meant to leave you all ‘Wobbly’, and ya head spinning like you have no idea where its going to be landing, all while Keeping the Vibe Alive,,  Why not Join us, and show your appreciation by tuning in […]

It’s Wednesday and this will be the last time that Mr. Stitch is hosting the Wednesday edition of The Tech House Show. So for the next 2 hours sit back and enjoy and don’t forget I’ll still see you every week on Sunday’s for The Tech House Show!

Sound Kleckse Radio Show with Israel Toledo 08.01.2019

^ Hit Play Now ^ & DJ.MGS Presents: Jungle J/\M Vol 02, We got the ‘Tarzan’ and ‘Jane’ of Ragga Jungle, Swinging in the vine this morning mate.., I’m telling ya, This could turn ‘Hare-Krishna’ into a ‘Bad Bwoy!’ Miss the show? No Worries, we got ya Covered, Time to let ya hair down […]

Back in just over an hour at 6pm UK time for 2 hours non stop uplifting piano fuelled vocal house music.  

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