ITS FRIDAY !!! READY FOR THE DRIVE-TIME SHOW ??? Coming to you Live&Direct from Johannesburg, South Africa The Drive-Time Show by Paul Alex in the mix from Selby Studios, fresh Deep house with a Melodic Techno Twist served in front of a live studio audience ;)… 3pm to 5pm (GMT) 4pm to 7pm (CAT) Tune […]

Welcome to the THE DRIVE-TIME SHOW Live And Direct from Johannesburg South Africa, Round the world on SOUND WAVE RADIO…

In this wonderful existence called life, it is my pleasure to present the DRIVE-TIME SHOW brought to you every Friday 3pm to 5pm live and direct from Jo’Burg South Africa… Special dedication to Donald William Peterson, a friend, salt of the earth soul brother… Going Deep… just for you Dom. .

As the end on my B-day week draws to a near perfect end. Cherry on the Cake, make no mistake it’s the DRIVE-TIME SHOW…live and direct every Friday afternoon 3pm to 5pm (GMT)from JOHANNESBURG SOUTH AFRICA 4pm to 6pm (CAT). Paul Alex drops the freshest beats with a deep house flavour… catch you later alligator […]

On todays menu…IN THE MIX …THE DRIVE-TIME SHOW…PAUL ALEX… Riding the wave, diving in the tide, loving the living. .Recovery 100% Life Force 100% Vibe 100%. …Live&Direct from Johannesburg city South Africa…

Get strapped! PaulAlex presents THE DRIVE-TIME SHOW, live and direct fromJohannesburg SA. live in the mix with the freshest beats, tune in this Friday from 3pm to 5pm (GMT) 0

It’s where your week-end’s and your week-end begins… LIVE&DIRECT from Johannesburg South Africa…THE DRIVE-TIME SHOW. Paul Alex WRAPS up this week working through the in and out’s up and downs. On line right here on sound wave radio round the globe 24/7…

HappyFriday🍀Worderful People Round the world and expecialy here in my home town Jo’Burg…❤️todays show starts the count down to a new chapter for Sound Wave Radio South Africa. As the new station manger for Sound Wave South Africa i look forward in introducing a swing to them thing&Thing’s uknow… THE DRIVE_TIME SHOW TODAY 3pm to […]

WELCOME TO THE DRIVE TIME SHOW, Live & Direct on SoundWaveRadio. PaulAlex in the mix every Friday afternoon 3pm to 5pm (GMT), Broadcast from mihouse.studio, Selby Johannesburg SouthAfrica, round the globe every week.

Bouncing round the world! Going GLOBAL by staying LOCAL… LIVE & DIRECT FROM JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA… The DRIVE TIME SHOW Live With … PAUL ALEX BIO: Paulo Alexander aka PaulAlex born in Mozambique raised in South Africa. Graduated Cube Academy as a sound engineer. First residency 1993 at Club Kiss Kiss. Top three in national […]

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