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AfterDark Twisted Ragga Jungle With DJ.MGS Tune in at: 6Pm PT and 9Pm ET USA (Check with your local Time zones) Doing a Bit of Junglist mixing tonight n’ see where we end upWanna come for a ride? Tune in.. ‘Coz we got the Junglistic n’ Bass thing Going on 😉 tune in: Soundwaveradio net […]

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He is Back, for another Round of Drum ‘n‘ and all that Bass! Mid Week ((Hump Day)) and His going to Bump that Bass right in to your Bass Bins… be sure to tune in tonight @ 6P. PT // 9P. ET on Sound wave radio…

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AfterDark DJ.MGS Twisted Ragga JungleDJ.MGS is looking for that interesting mix, locating some top Juicy Boombastic Vibe’s, for you to get down to, oh La, Laaar… Come n’ join the fun n’ shake it PlayaH…Tonight on Soundwaveradio @ 6P, PT // 9P, ET, UsA.

This is going to be a Mixed show of Breaks, Ragga Jungle, and all about drum N Bass, With DJ.MGSAkA Mad Growling Sci3NTiST 😉 Stay Tuned to Soundwaveradio Bless Ups bless ups!

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