Soundwave Showcase

A kickstart for unsigned djs throughout the world

Nowadays everybody is a deejay, everybody wants to get heard,


But not everybody wants to become a professional DJ.

Now days all professional DJs are competing against millions and millions of hobby DJ’s who do not wish to push there career any further than social media and on demand listener platforms.

Soundwave showcase is designed for professional DJs to help bring

  • Awareness to yourself as an artist or brand.
  • To help build better sets by identifying the tunes that people didn’t like
  • Get valuable insights into where your listeners are located and where you should direct your advertising.
  • Using the metrics obtained to show to potential agents or sponsors. Every professional agent nowadays require metrics of this type.
  • Our service is free to use
  • Unique sets only –NO RADIO STATION REBROADCASTS(please see copyright faq)
  • 1 hr Sets must be a minimum of 58 minutes long and no longer than 61.5minutes
    2 hr sets must be a minimum of 1.58 hrs long and no longer than 2 hrs 1.5minutes.
  • Soundwave ltd reserve the right to refuse any recording being broadcast or to stop a broadcast at any point during transmission.

Real statistics from real listeners.

Once your set has been broadcast  you will be presented with your show metrics. These statistics are an invaluable incite into future advertising by pinpointing where your listeners come from , what tunes they like and what tunes they didnt.
Metrics will also enhance your chances of sponsorship and where to look for it .
With millions of DJ’s uploading sets to platforms like Mixcloud and SoundCloud and hoping for the best, or by using artificial means to increase well look these platforms are no longer used by any professional agency to review your talents,


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