AfterDark With DJ.MGS Twisted Ragga Jungle

DJ.MGS June 22, 2022

˜”*°•☯ DJ.MGS 𝓣wisted 𝓡agga 𝓙unglistic 𝓑ass ☯•°*”˜
This was not a planned set, more of an on the fly_3deck mixing ragga Junglisitc Boombasstic Bass 🙂 Hope you enjoys, ‘n Bless uP if you love the mixes ‘n sounds from ‘ol school mixed with nuer sko’l to give that extra ListicBass in that place, where the Vibe reaches you down inside, n makes you wanna get Lit, busin a grove on the move… always have fun… bless… n’ Don’t forget to hit that Fave, Love n’ play 😉
Thank you All!!
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☯ Next Show: Drum’n’Bass
☯ When: June. 29. 2022.

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