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Making a post lets everybody know very quickly what’s going on across all the social media platforms, blocks, online music communities and other music related biographic sites. The more posts you make the more audience you will attract. Don’t just post about your show give them you things to read like your favourite track a gig you playing at or just saying hello to your audience and subscribers.


If you are recording yourselves it is a great way to get further listeners from Eva Mixcloud, SoundCloud, Spotify or other listening platforms.

Replay service. our successful replay service is used by external radio stations syndicating our shows. A radio station owner/ operator can access your file through our server and replay it on his own stations.

Gigs and Events

If you are participating in an event, input all the details here and will not only show on our website but will be collected the RSS by events directories and displayed upon their websites. Also subscribers in the local area will get an email telling them of your event and in some locations push messaging for mobiles. can set an event for anything including gigs radio shows, external events your latest promotions or that you are having a guest on your show.


Videos of yourself playing or the video of your favourite song, artist or anything related to your show are the can be uploaded here. Your videos are shown in different ways to your audience. This includes Soundwaves website, your press kit and show pages .


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