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After D/\RK Jungle J/\M

After D/\RK Jungle J/\M With DJ.MGS Tonight, Yes,, that’s right,, The Weekend is here finally, Yes, you’ve, heard that Right! and DJ.MGS is going to Jungle ya as we Get’s down to the Jungle Sound Tonight on 92.3 FM https://Soundwaveradio.net Time to Get ya… “Wiggle On” Jungle Style See Flyer for More info…  Aired Shows/Pod […]

Jungle J/\M
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The Weekend Techno Volume 49

THASH has been in the DJ scene since early 2015. Inspired by the UK based House/Techno legend CARL COX, THASH has performed in a multitude of venues, rocking crowds both young and old with his unique set of track selection – mainly a wide array of House music blended in with bass-thumping Techno. Having already […]

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After Dark Techno 92.3 FM with Jeff Hax (24 Mrt. 8-10PM London)

Jeff Hax is playing Live on Soundwave Radio FM 92.3 Saturday 24 March 2018 ! This isn’t your generic Beatport Top 100 playlist, this is Techno raised to an Art form !!!   Saturdays: 20:00-22:00 (London) / 21:00-23:00 (Berlin) / 22:00-00:00 (Moscow/Romania) / 16:00-18:00 (Brazil) / 14:00-16:00 (Mexico City) Sundays: 03:00-05:00 (China) Soundwave Radio 92.3 […]

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The Vibe with Mr.P(sychedelic) Live @ 17.00GMT/18.00CET

The Vibe with Mr.P(sychedelic) Live @ 17.00GMT/18.00CET only on Psychedelic Soundwave

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Living in New York as a musician of the Opera’s Grand Theatre

Multiple studies link music study to academic achievement. But what is it about serious music training that seems to correlate with outsize success in other fields? The connection isn’t a coincidence. I know because I asked. I put the question to top-flight professionals in industries from tech to finance to media, all of whom had […]

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