That time of the week where everything feels to much, lock down seem’s like eternity…DONT GIVE UP! Join me on the DRIVE-TIME Show that put’s things in perspective… HAPPY WEEKEND ALL!!!! Catch you all later x;0)

One of the most significant factors in how music affects a person’s body is their own musical preferences. Effective custom playlists may include songs that have been relaxing or that have helped with rest in the past. When designing a playlist, one factor to consider is the tempo. The tempo, or speed, at which music […]

After a few day’s of turbulent “weather” Paul Alex come’s to you live and Direct from South Africa… on THE DRIVE TIME SHOW 3pm to 5pm(GMT) 4pm to 6pm(CAT) Friday afternoons. THE RAINBOW NATION STANDS! The unification of ordenery South African’s citizens against the mob of the like minded few, that almost brought the hole […]

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