DJ Midnite / DJ

DJ Midnite grew up with a great love of all types of music. From listening to his mother sing The Carpenters while cooking dinner to playing Elvis 8-track tapes with his father, he couldn’t get enough. One night when he was 15 years old, he got the chance to step into the DJ booth at the local roller skating rink, and that was all it took to solidify his love of playing music for an audience.


From those humble beginnings, DJ Midnite has had an amazing journey, taking his love for mixing music to new levels. With multiple charting EDM mixes on and, DJ Midnite has proven to be an accomplished, internationally recognized House Music DJ.


DJ Midnite has DJ’ed countless events from the local to the international level. From Guest DJ spots in Jamaica, Ukraine, Kosovo, and The Middle East, holding residency at the legendary Shadow Lake Surf Club in Noel, MO, to opening for national touring acts including Florida Georgia Line, Sinbad, and Foreigner, DJ Midnite has performed for many diverse audiences and has always kept the dance floor moving.


Today, you can find DJ Midnite at his Guest DJ appearances at Gilley’s – Durant and blowing up the internet with shows from his home audio/video studio on multiple Social Media channels and!



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