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Humanitarian, Entrepreneur, Multi-platinum Reggae/HipHop Artist Menelik Nesta Gibbons aka DON DADA continuously pushing boundaries, changing the norm, quickly moving beyond static thinking by reinventing the game. He is fast becoming an industry thought leader by breaking tradition and creating ground-breaking possibilities for growth for himself and others in the music business. Don Dada in the entertainment industry has achieved a great deal as a Reggae/Hip-Hop artist and social influencer since he made his debut on the 2016 Mandela Day Concert stag 1. His original VIVA Mandela song reaching Multi-Platinum within a short 4 months of release 19th July 2017 – 31st December 2017!! 2. Only artist with 3 official Mandela tracks a. [Original] VIVA Mandela track released 19th July 2017 b. VIVA Mandela remix ft Mahotella Queens released on the Mandela100 2018 Launch stage in Constitutional Hill c. Long Live MAMA Winnie Mandela – the tribute he wrote and performed live on the Black Doek memorial stage in Newtown 3. First South African Artist to sign a deal with Bob Marleys TuFF Gong International Distribution 4. First African artist to perform on the Bob Marley Tribute Concert Stage in Kingston Jamaica 5. First from Africa to perform on the Jamaica LIVE concert stage NOTE: The Multi-Platinum sales is an achievement that must not be undermined as there is speculation that it is a possible ‘industry first’ as it is unheard of for an indie artist to achieve Multi-platinum within four [4] months of releasing a track.

Miss J from USA spankin speakers globally with the best of drumandbass for your inner crazy!

If its Psytrance or Techno, then im all over it.

Dreanix is Chris Carter, hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, USA. The name comes from the child of Dragon and Phoenix, and is a statement on the transcendence of duality. Dreanix started DJing with the emergence of Dubstep, helping to unleash the new sounds of bass music upon an unsuspecting world. Later he would co found the […]

Afterꓷarʞ With DJ.MGS Hello Thanks for stopping by, DJ.MGS Spins Live Sets thru out the week via Soundwave radio, show times: Drum & Bass Wed 9 Pm EST USA Twisted Ragga Jungle Fri 9 Pm EST USA Be sure to Tune in on the above Times and see you then ;) Big ups and Bless DJ.MGS

I am Wyndall Keet, better known as DJ Alex, born and raised in the Mother City, Cape Town. Music is a part of my family, and entertainment is what we do. DJ'ing is a talent passed down over generations and generations. I have been a DJ since 2004, starting out by playing at birthday parties and house parties. I have developed the talent over the years and have only gotten better and better. Today, have played on many platforms, around the country, and have become a well known brand around the Cape of Good Hope. I have played in many clubs, pubs, lounges and more. I believe I still have much to give and learn and things can only get better. DJ Alex The One #AlexIsBaas

‘A contemporary DJ and producer with a passion and desire to deliver musical satisfaction to people from all walks of life’ Located in the heart of the UK, beat inception grew up to the sounds of some of the biggest names of the 90’s and 00’s including Basement Jaxx, Judge Jules, Roger Sanchez and Pete Tong.  After years of performing locally and taking time out to raise his family, the time has finally come for beat inception to deliver an array of house sounds throughout the world via immersive performances and captivating tracks.

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