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Hit Play Playah πŸ™‚ AfterDark Mad Growling SCi3NTiST T.R.J Vol. 6. Stepping (Nu Show Upload) . Been in much pain this week due to a sore tooth, but never less, the Show must Go on, Spinning that Naughty Funky Twisted Ragga Jungle, So, Tune in for a Epic 2Hr Packed Show , With The MAD […]

Twisted Ragga Jungle πŸ™‚ From The West of the Rockies, Broadcasting to a set Of Speakers Near You…Yep… You read that Right, Tonight, or wherever you maybe… Tune in… Spinning Tracks by: Rasta Vibes, Dub Troubles & Hermano L, Loyal & Pride, Shy FX Ft ‘n’ Lily Alan ‘n’ Stamina MC, DJ.MGS, Remixes by RUDZY […]

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Hit Play Playah πŸ™‚ Mad Growling SCi3NTIST T.R.J Vol. 5. Randomness Selector Mix His At it Yet again, for another TRJ Episode, mixing up Random style & Digging into all sorts of Sub-genres of DubNvibe, Big ups to One and All. Be sure to check out the flyer(s) for times and if you like, give […]

Do You Like a bit of Ragga? Do you like a bit of Jungle? Well, how-about ‘Twisted Ragga Jungle’ πŸ™‚ yep, Tonight We’ll be heading to a set of Speakers Near you, Spinning Tracks by: Dope Ammo & Benny Page, 16AJ, Dirty Dubsters, Kingston Express & Gold Dubs, DJ Cautious, and Remixes by RUDZY B […]

Hit Play Playah πŸ™‚ Mad Growling SCi3NTIST T.R.J Vol.4. FYRE At it Yet again for another T.Π―.J. Spinning Top Tunes around Town sKa, Ragga, Jungle, Dubvibe, While mixing on 4 decks he loves to Experiment with Sound & Full on mixing like a mad man, Don’t forget to Show your support for the show’s & […]

Twisted Ragga Jungle Show πŸ™‚ Tonight heading to a set of Speakers Near you, Spinning Tracks by: Scuffed, Zen Lewis & Aries, Nick Blackmarket, DJ Fresh, Tommawok, Remixes DJ.STP & DJ RUDZY B, and many many more for yaΒ  sKa, Ragga/Jungle, DubPlate, Dancehall, Dub’n’Vibe,Β  why not come n hang out at Soundwavradio.net Tune in Show […]

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