Hit Play PlayaH šŸ™‚ Right off into the deep end with this mix… Not letting anything stopping short, Keeping you hanging on and Wanting MORE!!!! rolling from one Track into the Next with Constant D’n’B, as we go DEEPER in to the Mix, and added some Breaks toward the end… Like what you Hear? Become […]

Its time for captain craymissj to drop forth thy drum and bass yes

Hit Play Playah šŸ™‚ DJ.MGS Presents: Drum’n’Breaks.Vol 39. Feel The Bass Back after a short break & Rearing to Go, this mix is up beat & on point leaving a little down time, to catch ya breath, before we go on a roller-coaster ride of ‘Drum n Bass’ n ‘Breaks, some Brand new Choons & […]

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