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Join us weekly to hear encouraging messages of hope. Interfellowship Global Ministries was established by Bishop Robin Oliver in 1984 in the area of Wentworth in Durban, South Africa and has a membership of 3500. Bishop Oliver sits on the board of Church Growth International (South Korea) with Dr. Yonggi Cho as well as Healing Jesus Campaign (Ghana). Bishop Oliver’s ministry has been characterized by his sincere love of people and is a visionary leader who has a deep hunger to see all people from all walks of life coming to know Jesus Christ.

Interfellowship Global Ministries 

As the trajectory of church life has changed we extend this hand of partnership to you locally as well as internationally in order to aid in the effective functioning and operation of the church. We invite you to partner with us on one of the following levels:

1. R200 or $20 monthly - as a welcome gift we will send you two gifts of your choice
2. R500 or $30 monthly - we will send you 4 gifts of your choice
3. R1000 or $50 monthly - we will send you the whole package

If you are able to give above these levels, you are welcome to do so and we will send you the full package plus Bishop Oliver’s latest book: “There Must Be More!” As well as his son-in-law Riaan Pretorius’ latest CD ‘Standing Tall’ or ‘Everytime’. These resources will give you a clearer understanding of this ministry as well as greatly equip you in your faith.

*Paypal Option on the e-mail below, or contact for bank details

*Email us @ with your postal details and to receive a special partnership letter from Bishop Robin Oliver

*We are also a PBO: 930003643 & 030-220-NPO

We believe as you give God will bless and honor you. Thank you.

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