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Entertainment show broadcast on SOUNDWAVE radio and broadcast live and


across social media every Thursday from 5pm-7pm (CAT).

Hosted by Multi-platinum, Humanitarian, HipHop/Reggae Artist and Entrepreneur Menelik Nesta “Don Dada” Gibbons

INNA De Trenches will change the narrative of Reggae through a vibrant show that resonates with the listeners of South Africa
with the aim of embracing the founder musicians and unearthing new talent paired with inside commentary from industry gurus. INNA De Trenches will provide Viewers and listeners with a behind the scenes all access pass into the minds of the people of which the entertainment industry is about.

From artists, dancers ,poets and executives to exclusive single drops  and the latest updates on your favourite artists INNA De Trenches is a musical journey into the reggae and its sub-genre culture of South African youth

INNA De Trenches

Aligning to the African millennium goals targeting education and Job Creation with the aim of changing lives’ INNA De Trenches address a gap in the industry.  It has taken 25 years for Reggae music to be recognised as a standalone genre for SAMA 2019 awards. Currently limited platforms support reggae effecting artists earning potential. Providing the platform is Don Dada contribution to #ActionAgainstPoverty 

INNA De Trenches TWO [2] HOUR  BASED SHOW that’s an Initiative, using SOUNDWAVE Radio and RuFF CuTT Studio aims to provide a platform to showcase bourgeoning talent of the Southern African Reggae scene to the world.

Industry players at home and abroad, up-and-coming artists, established artists, and youth entrepreneurs will be invited to Network, showcase their talents/ encourage and talk about what it’s like to be a young entrepreneur in SA.

#ActionAgainstPoverty #AfriKa2DaWorld    #Ubuntu


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Humanitarian, Entrepreneur, Multi-platinum Reggae/HipHop Artist Menelik Nesta Gibbons aka DON DADA continuously pushing boundaries, changing the norm, quickly moving beyond static thinking by reinventing the game. He is fast becoming an industry thought leader by breaking tradition and creating ground-breaking possibilities for growth for himself and others in the music business. Don Dada in the entertainment industry has achieved a great deal as a Reggae/Hip-Hop artist and social influencer since he made his debut on the 2016 Mandela Day Concert stag 1. His original VIVA Mandela song reaching Multi-Platinum within a short 4 months of release 19th July 2017 – 31st December 2017!! 2. Only artist with 3 official Mandela tracks a. [Original] VIVA Mandela track released 19th July 2017 b. VIVA Mandela remix ft Mahotella Queens released on the Mandela100 2018 Launch stage in Constitutional Hill c. Long Live MAMA Winnie Mandela – the tribute he wrote and performed live on the Black Doek memorial stage in Newtown 3. First South African Artist to sign a deal with Bob Marleys TuFF Gong International Distribution 4. First African artist to perform on the Bob Marley Tribute Concert Stage in Kingston Jamaica 5. First from Africa to perform on the Jamaica LIVE concert stage NOTE: The Multi-Platinum sales is an achievement that must not be undermined as there is speculation that it is a possible ‘industry first’ as it is unheard of for an indie artist to achieve Multi-platinum within four [4] months of releasing a track.

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