DJ.MGS Presents: Drum’n’Bass Vol.37 ‘The Bounce’

DJ.MGS October 14, 2020

DJ.MGS Presents: Drum ‘Ω’ Bass Vol.37 ‘The Bounce’

Don’t Get Mad… Get Glad… Coz, we’re Back, Drum’Ω’Bass, Spinning that Funked Up Drum & Bass. This mix dated: 14. Oct 2020 @ 9 PM. EST. USA Big ups to One & All! Tune in for a Epic 2Hr Packed Show ƨpinning Some of ya Top Drum ‘n’ Bass / Drum sound/Breaks. Be sure to check out the flyer(s) and give us a Thumbs Up as We’ll be Heading To a ƨpeaker Near You! Tune in to the Drum ‘n’ Bass shows:
*Wednesday: 9Pm E.S.T and 6Pm PDT USA  *0200 UK  *0300 Germany  *0300 South Africa

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Next Show: T.R.J
When: Oct 16.2020
Epoch: 9.P..m E.S.T. USA
Tune in: (At Time Of Show)

Big ups ‘n’ Bless
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