The Early Morning House Show

Illuminati Beatz is back for a set of whatever he wants cause its his birthday and we’re making him spin. So, expect a lot of dirty bass infused tech house, as it should be

Its a deep house night tonight, a Journeys night. Deep soulful vibes and melodic mixing to take you away.

Tonight’s set comes from my minimal folder, which mostly gets thick chunky tech and breaks with a lot of spoken word. Its a particular vibe. And its all House. This stuff is fun to mix, there’s a lot of room to work with in it.

Its a tech house tagging night of beats breaks and bass. Dreanix and Illuminati Beatz going back to back and keeping the vibe hot

Its a deep tech house night tonight. Soul, bass, and techy untz. What I consider the really choice stuff.

We’re lighting it up tonight with some club bangin tech house. Party on

Illuminati Beatz is back for a guest set this week with his special blend of fat bassy tech house

Journeys returns after a holiday break picking up where we left off with another session of Afro House. Its somewhere between tribal and deep house, with a flow of trance, and its all vibe.

Its another week for Afro House for this Journeys. Its like deep house and tribal mixed progressive with fat resonant bass lines, and I’m digging this style lately. Its like several of my favorite things at once. I hope you enjoy.

Whats a little bit trancey, a little bit like deep house, and a lot of tribal? Afro House! We’re featuring the deep tribal vibes of afro house this week for a new kind of flow, that’s full of the kind of elements I play a lot of anyway.

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