The Conglomerate continues with a third installment !! Luiz Fueggo mixes it up once again, in a fashoin one may not expect … Live for two hours, he will take you on another review journey of the past decade and beyond !! With a Hand Picked “Best of the best” …Fueggo is going to just […]

Last week was so much fun …We’re gonna do it again ! Join us as Luiz Fueggo presents “THE CONGLOMERATE II” Another romp into the history of Fueggo’s handpicked best of the best, mixed in a uniquely different fashion than normally broadcasted here …..Harder and Quicker !! 10pm LONDON…12am JOHANNESBURG…1am MOSCOW…7am TOKYO…2pm L A/AZ…3pm DENVER…4pm […]

THAT’S IT !! 2020 IS DONE !! Let us celebrate it (House) musically !! This edition of AFTERDARK will be a bit different …it will consist of what Luiz Fueggo considers the best of the best of his track choices over the past decade (and more), blended in much quicker succession and randomly selected ON […]

Is it Saturday already ? We guess so ! With 2 Saturdays left this year, spend one with us at 10pm London time, 2pm in L.A, 4pm in Chicago, and 5pm NYC. THE AFTERDARK HOUSE SHOW (Saturday Edition)w/Luiz Fueggo …IN FULL EFFECT !! As usual, catch it here on soundwaveradio.net or stream on the go […]

Another ear gouging 2 hours of House …Fueggo Style ! Join us at 10pm GMT to experience the mayhem ! Live from Chicago, Illinois the House Capitol …and you know this ! Catch it here on soundwaveradio.net or stream on the go with the free TuneIn app … * Winamp, iTunes http://soundwaveradio.net:2199/tunein/swrf.pls * Windows Media […]

DECEMBER IS HERE AND IT’S GETTIN COLDER !! Don’t bother bundling up …Get closer to the Fueggo to get yourself warm ! For Two Hours, the FYRE will be burning LIVE FROM CHICAGO THE HOUSE CAPITOL …..and you know DIS !! Catch us here on soundwaveradio.net or stream on the go with the free TuneIn […]

Close to the end of November …it’s getting colder, and its still hot in here. Join us this and every Saturday as Dj Luiz Fueggo heats it up once again, with another 2 Hour LIVE HOUSE SET staight from Chicago, Illinois The House Capitol….and you know THIS !!!

Here we go again …another 2 hours of Head Splitting House mixed LIVE by Dj Luiz Fueggo !! 10 to 12am LONDON, 12am to 2am Johannesburg, 1am to 3am MOSCOW, 7am to 9am TOKYO, 2pm to 4pm L.A. & AZ, 3pm to 5pm DENVER, 4pm to 6pm CHICAGO, and 5pm to 7pm NYC !!   […]

The burn returns as Dj Luiz Fueggo seers into your ears, with a White Hot 2 hour set EVERY SATURDAY !! Comin’ at ya LIVE from Chicago, Illinios The House Capitol …and you KNOW THIS !! Starting back up October 31st: 10pm to Midnight LONDON 11pm to 1am JOHANNESBURG Midnight to 2am MOSCOW 6am to […]

Soundwave will be back very shortly   We got new toys, new controls , more music and more videos all being setup now. Come and check it out

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