The Conglomerate continues with a third installment !! Luiz Fueggo mixes it up once again, in a fashoin one may not expect … Live for two hours, he will take you on another review journey of the past decade and beyond !! With a Hand Picked “Best of the best” …Fueggo is going to just […]

R.U Ready for tonight for a 2 Hr Epic Twisted Ragga Jungle Show πŸ™‚ oh Boyh πŸ˜‰ We be Heading To ya’ Speakers and Spinning That sKa, Ragga/Jungle, DubPlate, Dancehall, Dub’n’Vibe,Β  so stick-Around for the show, you Might Like what you Hear πŸ™‚ and toi do that, only one place to be at Tune […]

Hit Play Playah πŸ™‚ DJ.MGS Drum and Bass Vol. 2 ‘Let It RiP’, Aired: Jan. 13. 2021 I think a lot of people love music that we can Relate to, that can be so Bouncy, so Hype, that you keep bad thoughts from getting the better of you! Mad Growling SC3iNT3ST for another Banger of […]

M.DNB.GA (Make D’n’B Great Again) Get Ready for Tonight AS DJ.MGS is going to be Ripping a New Hole in the D’n’B Universe on air times: Wed. Jan. 13. 2021 @ 6Pm. PT and 9 Pm. ET. USA about time we Crack that Whip ‘n’ Wihp up, some BASS, for ya Face, to put you […]

Last week was so much fun …We’re gonna do it again ! Join us as Luiz Fueggo presents “THE CONGLOMERATE II” Another romp into the history of Fueggo’s handpicked best of the best, mixed in a uniquely different fashion than normally broadcasted here …..Harder and Quicker !! 10pm LONDON…12am JOHANNESBURG…1am MOSCOW…7am TOKYO…2pm L A/AZ…3pm DENVER…4pm […]

Hit Play Playah πŸ™‚ DJ.MGS TRJ Vol. 2 Rude Boyh Bass Mix Aired on Jan .8. 2021 A two Hr Pure Ragga Jungle MiX His At it Yet again, for another T.Π―.J. Spinning some Top Tunes around Town, sKa, Ragga/Jungle, Dub N vibe, This set is Slow paste mixing in mind,you all know, he loves […]

R.U Ready? Tune in tonight or ya AM depending on ya Time Zones for a 2 Hr Epic Ragga Jungle Show πŸ™‚ Heading To ya’ Speakers and Spinning That sKa, Ragga/Jungle, DubPlate, Dancehall, Dub’n’Vibe, to put you in ya ‘Happy Ragga Mood‘ as his been digging in that crate ‘n’ the back of the Shed, […]

Hit Play Playah πŸ™‚ DJ.MGS Drum and Bass Genesis Effect Vol. 48 Another Epic D’n’B Show, with loads of BASS for ya Place, wherever it maybe ‘n’ do hopes you enjoy the 2 Hr Set… if your an established D’n’B DJ, DJ.MGS is looking for guest mixes… You can contact him below. Big Big Ups […]

YO! Don’t Get Mad… TONIGHT, if you do, then, you need to ‘Chill out’ with the Sounds of Drum and Bass Wed. Jan. 6. 2021 @ 6Pm. PT and 9 Pm. ET. USA Big ups to One and All. give us a Thumbs Up over at and (See the Flyer)Β  We appreciate you […]

A Very Merry ‘n’ Nu Year To All Fans of D’n’B and Ragga Jungle…as We Say Good By ‘n’ Good’Ridden’s to 2020, As We Head forward in Time to 2021 and More Twisted Ragga Jungle Coming up, and Heading To a Speaker Near You! Wherever you may be Tonight, Tune In for a Epic 2Hr […]

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