Month: January 2021

The Conglomerate continues with a 4th installment, as Luiz Fueggo mixes his way down the list of his personal hand picked best, smashed together at a fairly frantic rate ! Give it up ….You know you want to ! Join us here or on the TuneIn app !  

Geezzaa is going to be in full swing tonight as he broadcasts his picks of the Techno top 100 chart. With all genres of Techno being mixed  theirs something for everybody. Tune in or lock in to the Best techno show around. Saturday Nights 8 pm – 10pm

Hit Play Playah, You just might like what you hear Mad Growling SCi3NTIST just uploaded: This mix starts of just like any other mix, but wait, Efx, Stereo panning, Bass Swaps, mash up, and more to keep you bouncing along the ways, weather you play this on ya personal Playah or in ya Car, play […]

Twisted Ragga Jungle Show 🙂 Tonight heading to a set of Speakers Near you, Spinning: sKa, Ragga/Jungle, DubPlate, Dancehall, Dub’n’Vibe,  The only one place to be at Tune in Show Times: Friday 6p. PT // 9p. ET on Jan. 22. 2021 USA Sat *0200A’UK Sat *0200A’ Germany Sat *0300A’ S. Africa Love the Show(s)? […]

Hit Play Playah 🙂 DO You Like a Bit of Drum n Bass?? ~ SeLeCtOr ~ DJ.MGS Drum and Bass Vol.3 Drum NutZ Get Ready heavy Mixing along the ways, Keeping you hanging on Rolling from one Track into the Next making some nice blends along the ways ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) need more? Subscribe […]

Greetings Dear Freinds As another Week end’s, another Weekend begins… Right here on THE DRIVETIME SHOW LIVE&DIRECT on SOUND WAVE RADIO Paul Alex Selecting the best deep and Tech House tunes ROCKING YOUR WORLD 24/7 ……………………………………………….

We’re lighting it up tonight with some club bangin tech house. Party on

M D’N’B GA Make D’n’B Great Again Get Ready for Tonight AS DJ.MGS is going to be mixing around with D’n’B Global Danger, Air times: Wed. Jan. 20. 2021 @ 6Pm. PT and 9 Pm. ET. USA BASS, for ya Face, to put you in ya happy Place, Tracks by: Stompz, Teddy Killers, Bou, Saxxon, […]

It’s time for your weekly dose of everything house with Beat Inception LIVE on Soundwave Radio at 8pm tonight on 92.3fm in London or online at See you there!!

Hit Play Playah 🙂 DJ.MGS TRJ Vol.3 Push.It DJ.MGS Almost forgot to upload this mix, sorry for the delay… TRJ Vol.3 “Push.It” By Mad Growling SCi3NTiST Aired: Jan. Fri. 15 .2021 Just mashing tunes together seeing what we can do, something new ‘n’ something old in the mix hopes you enjoys… more to come Wednesday […]

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