Twisted Ragga Jungle

Afterꓷarʞ With DJ.MGS Twiƨted Ragga Jungle… Tune in tonight with T.R.Jungle time, for a 2Hr Packed Show With The M.\D Growling SƆiENTiST (aKa DJ.MGS) Spinning that Ragga/Jungle, sKa, Dubplate, Dancehall, Jah, Dub’n’Vibe Tune in: Fri. July. 24. 2020 @ 9 P.M. East Coast (NYC/Boston) and 6 P.M P.D.T (West Coast) 🇺🇸⏱,  0200 London (UK) 🇬🇧⏱, […]

Hello All you Little Twisted Ragga~Muffin Fans, are all aboard? as it’s that Twisted Ragga Jungle time Once again… So Hope your ready to Move ya Feet, as we about to bring the Heat, Calling Heavy Dub Viber’s in Town, to hear this ‘Wicked’ Sound… So Tune in Tonight: (Jan.03.2020). at the usual Time 9. […]

Due To Popular Demand Soundwave radio will once again be presenting DJ MGS aka MAD GROWLING SCIENTIST With an epic Banging Drum ‘N’ Bass Radio show. He will rock the airwaves Wednesday At 9Pm EST and his pumped up Twisted Ragga Jungle show on Friday at 9pm Est with some incredible cream del la cream […]

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