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That’s right you read that right Nect3r has a special 3 hour live set just for you right here on Soundwave Radio. Tune in to hear 3 hours of House, Tech House and Techno.

This week Nect3r is kicking off another great 2 hours set of House, Tech House and Techno. Make sure you’re tuned in for it. We got tracks by the likes of Scott Forshaw, The Deepshakerz, Andrew Miller, David Tort, Green Velvet to name a few.

Well it’s time for Nect3r to kickoff 2019 with a killer set filled with House, Tech House, Techno tracks. Make sure you tune in 4 p.m. London 11 a.m. New York City 8 a.m. Los Angeles on Soundwave radio. Net and 92.3 FM London. Watch LIVE Stream at 👇

Get ready for another amazing show from Nect3r has he brings you two full hours of House, Tech House and Techno LIVE on you can also watch the live stream on Soundwave Radio Facebook page. 4p London LIVE STREAM 👇

Oh yeah Wednesday is finally here and that can only mean one thing. Nect3r is about to kick it for 2 hours live mixing bringing some of the best wiggity wack House and Tech House music around. Make sure you’re tuned in 92.3 FM London and the TuneIn app Watch the live stream on […]

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