Finest Full-On Psytrance; fresh tune’s; 140-145bpm

Finest, galaxy full-on psytrance! 140145bpm brand new tune’s-Ovnimoon, Ascent, Spiritual Mode and many more…

Tune in from midnight GMT on and 92.3FM in Croydon for the latest journey through progressive psytrance. As usual you can expect a real variety of of tracks technically mixed and blended with effects.

finest Full-On PsyTrance; 144-150bpm; brand new tune’s-Ital, Relativ, Imaginarium and many more…

Congrats! You survived your first week back at work! And what better way to celebrate than kicking back, turning up the volume and tuning into 2 hours of psyprog goodness? So, as usual, tune in to Psychedelic Soundwave this Friday (12th Jan), coming to you live from the City of Gold, for that blend of […]

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