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finest Full-On PsyTrance; 144-150bpm; brand new tune’s-Ital, Relativ, Imaginarium and many more…

Today 140-145bpm brand new tune’s-Frenetic, Ital, Mental Control and many more…

It’s the first Friday night of 2018, and you’re in for a treat. Tune in from midnight GMT on and 92.3FM in Croydon for the latest journey through progressive psytrance. Let’s kick off this weekend!!!

Greatest Hits 2017 Side A – Full-on/Psytrance Side B – Goa

Get Ready for massive PsyTrance Full-On!!! Brand new tracks-Yestermorrow, Vertical Mode, Imagiarium, Lunatica and many more…  

Today brand new tune’s-Elegy, Sideform, One Function, Pulsar and many more… 138-140bpm

Today progressive, psytrance & full-on 138-140bpm brand new tunes-Pulsar, Ilai, Funky Dragon and many more…

Black Friday special!! Yes, dear valued listener, today – and today only, we’re handing out a whole bunch of extra beats per minute ABSOLUTELY FREE! So tune in to Psychedelic Soundwave this Friday (24th Nov), where I’ll be upping the tempo, and dishing out 2 hours of foot stompin’, bum wigglin’, knees up, full-on psychedelic […]

Today Full-On & PsyTrance 145-150bpm; brand new tracks: Faders, Ancient Tribe, Act One and many more….

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