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This week Nect3r has yet another great DJ coming at you Marco Marni from Germany will be the special guest this week bringing you a great Tech house set. Tune in Berlin 5 p.m. London 4 p.m. New York City 11 a.m. Los Angeles 8 a.m.

You got another great show coming this week from Nect3r as he brings you special guest DJ from Chicago DJ Luiz Fueggo. This will be a show not to be missed tune in 4 p.m. London 11 a.m. New York City 10 a.m. Chicago 8 a.m. Los Angeles

This week Nect3r has another great show for you bringing you special guest DJ T-Foxxx she’ll be bringing you some slammin house tunes for you and make sure you’re there and check it out 4 p.m. London 11 a.m. New York City 8 a.m. Los Angeles

This week Nect3r’s bringing you episode number 27 of Soundwave Radio’s Techno AfterDark. This week Nect3r has a real tech-heavy show for you, something that you want to kick your weekend off with. Make sure you tune in 8p.m. Friday London

This Wednesday Nect3r has another amazing show lined up for you as he spins one hour of the hottest House, tech house, techno tracks around with some Classics mixed in. As well as special guest DJ Masterpiece all the way from South Africa bringing you the lovely sounds

That’s right today Nect3rs back live in the mix on Soundwave Radio. Bringing you an amazing two-hour set of House, Tech house and Techno. You’re going to want to tune into this one and listen for a special guest DJ announcement.

Oh yes welcome to another wild Wednesday with Nect3r LIVE on Soundwave Radio bringing you the Afternoon House Show LIVE from the USA. This week Nect3r’s bringing some banging House, tech house, techno tracks. Sure to make want to shake what your mama gave you.

Coming this Wednesday Nect3r’s bring another superb afternoon House show featuring some of the hottest House, Tech House, and Techno tracks around. Make sure you tune in on. and the TuneIn app Soundwave Radio Rocking 24/7

As the REVOLUTION grows Bigger and Stronger are you ready to embrace it. Nect3r leads the REVOLUTION as he brings the Best in House and Techno music. Every Wednesday @ 4p London, 11a NYC, 8a L.A.  

Join in on The REVOLUTION Today LIVE with Nect3r on  4p London, 11a NYC, 8a L.A. House and Techno plus some gems from the past ….a not to miss show..  

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