London DnB

Dj Name: Dj formula Biography .: Been djing for the last 30 years started with hip hop then got into the rave scene played on many pirate stations back in the day plus played alongside some of the biggest names in the scene I’ve played many events from small clubs to festivals currently I play a weekly […]

Dj Name: DJ UNKNOWN Biography of yourself.: I am an Up & Coming Drum & Bass DJ from South West London. I started DJing when he was 15 playing Drum & Bass & Jungle vinyl on a pair of belt driven Xion turntables. A few years ago I upgraded and started to use MP3s and also tried […]

After hitting the turntables aged 11. D-Manic has played all kinds of music. D-Manic first touched vinyl on a pair of Garrard SP25 MKIV’s which were encased inside a Citronic Hawaii DJ case back in 1984 after a neighbour and friend handed them down. This event was also paramount in D-Manic’s love of Electro, Funk, […]

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