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Twisted Ragga Jungle With M /. D Growling SCi3NTiST 📻 Tune in Every Friday Night at ( 9 PM N.Y.C Time ) You wanted more ‘Floor Movers‘, Bought to you Via DJ.MGS / SoundWave radio 92.3 FM…. Still the same Good O’l show, Just with a ‘New Name‘ and with that said … 🦁… On Tonight’s […]

92.3 FM SWR Presents: Mad Growling SCi3NTiST drum’N’bass Sessions on this Date: May.8.2019 @ 9 Pm NYC Get Ready! We hear you like drum’N’bass, Be sure to Tune in Each and every Wed 9 Pm EST: https://tunein.com/radio/Soundwave-Radio-s243650/ No Guest mix this week but fear not, Epic mixing is on the way Rocking you Out for […]

SWR Mad Growling SCi3NTiST Presents: drum’N’bass B2B Guest Sessions.Vol.34 on this Date: 1.May.2019 @ and Every Wed @ 9 Pm NYC, Be sure to Tune in: https://tunein.com/radio/Soundwave-Radio-s243650/ in this Special Back2Back d’N’b Guest mixes Rocking you Out for the next 2 hours, With DJ Daugma (USA) and DJ.SmootHound (UK) Don’t Wanna Miss This Show… Lets […]

1,2,3… R.U.READY?  92.3 FM SWR Presents: Mad Growling SCi3NTiST drum’N’bass Sessions hi Guys help me out if you can we Would really appreciate your putting this dN’b Flyer onto your DJ/dnb Group(s) many thanks for the support in the music and Big Ups on this Date: 24.Arp.2019 @ 9 Pm NYC Get Ready! We hear […]

Click / Tap to Play: SWR After Dark Presents: Mad Growling  SCi3NTiST and Guest Mix By DJ SmoothHound  drum’N’bass. Vol. 23 ‘Consept of Space Time’ (for 20.March.2019) Do you Like D’n’B? Well? Do ya Punk? We hear you Love Drum ‘n’ Bass, this is  just all about drum ‘n’ Bass, with Epic mixing and Guest […]

Click to Play> SWR After Dark DJ.MGS and Guest Mix By DJ SmoothHound Presents drum’N’bass Vol .21 ‘Pulsar’ Another Epic d’N’b Show with Flow of the Bass ‘the show name ‘PULSAR”, this show is going in another direction & Mostly Brand new mix of good Arrangement of Drum ‘n’ Bass to set you Mood, to […]

AFTER DARK d’N’b With DJ.MGS and DJ.SmoothHound Vol.18 ‘Looking for Work‘ Uploaded… Eat. Sleep. drum ‘N’ bass. Repete. We are back at the Decks Again, for another Epic Drum and Bass Radio Show, Keeping the [d]’N'[b] ViBe Alive for 2019, We will be spinning the D’n’B Right to your Speakers, not forgetting, Guest Mix by […]

AFTER DARK d’N’b With DJ.MGS and Rusty Butter Knife Vol.16 ‘Complex’ 🤳🏽D’n’B  Drum n Bass, D’n’B  Drum & Bass D’n’B, is the name of the Set, and that’s what you Get, Right here, Each and every Week.. if you like the ‘Sound’, Show it 😉 Play it loud Loud ‘n’ Proud, this set is groovy […]

After Dark DRUM ‘n’ BASS With M.\D Growling SCi3NTiST and Guest Mix from “Rusty ButterKnife“, as they will be in Full Swing, for your Drum ‘n’ Bass Mid-Week-Session, All heading to a Speaker near YOU, When: Wed: 9 Pm N.Y. USA. Time to Get ya… “Wiggle On” D’n’B Style… See Flyer for More info… https://Soundwaveradio.net […]

After Dark Mad Growling SCi3NTiST Guest mix DJ.SmoothHound drum’N’bass.Vol.14 ‘Bass Shifty‘ Banging out the Drum n Bass Keeping the [d]N[b] viBe Alive for 2019,, all Brand new Tunes, This mix is on the Darker Side Of D’n’B not forgetting DJ SmootHound On Segment to Banging out even more…. if You Love D’n’B, your going to […]

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