🦁 AFTER DARK Jungle JAM With  M /. D  Growling  SCi3NTiST 🦁  DJ.MGS is going to be Busting out his ‘Ragga Jungle” Collection Right here Each and every (( Fri 10 Pm EST )) With The Jungle Jam Radio Show Bought to you Via SoundWave radio 92.3 FM  🦁 Big Up’s to the D’n’b/Jungle Family,  […]

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🦁 Out to the Ragga Junglist Massive Family and Listeners alikes… 📻 in every Fri 10 Pm EST DJ.MGS Brings you The Jungle J/\M, Live and Direct, ),, Out To Ya! Big, up’s to DJ.Embryo and DJ.STP for the Remixes thru out the Jungle Jam Radio Show, Bought to you Via Soundwave radio 92.3 FM […]

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March 11, 2019

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After Dark Mad Growling SCi3NTiST Presents drum’N’bass.Vol.19. ‘Quantum Wave’ Are you Ready to Wobble? Out to the Massive D’n’B Crew… as DJ.MGS Bangs out the Drum ‘n’ Bass right in-front of your Face, to Ya Bass BinZ,, Another Stomper of a Set, added in extra Samples, bass loops and Remixes on the Fly. You wanted […]

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March 4, 2019

dnbAfterDarkness  msJspeakerspanker

afterdark DRUM n BIZNATCH show missj

After Dark Mad Growling SCi3NTiST Guest mix DJ.SmoothHound drum’N’bass.Vol.14 ‘Bass Shifty‘ Banging out the Drum n Bass Keeping the [d]N[b] viBe Alive for 2019,, all Brand new Tunes, This mix is on the Darker Side Of D’n’B not forgetting DJ SmootHound On Segment to Banging out even more…. if You Love D’n’B, your going to […]

we are back at it Again… SWR After Dark With… Mad Growling SCi3NTiST and DJ.SmootHound Presents Drum Dub+Bass G’Day [d]’N'[b] DJ.MGS Bringing you the Very best Bass D’n’B Sounds, Tune in at 9pm EST. USA each and every Wednesday for ya [d]’N'[b] Party Jams   see flyer for Times zones/info, DJ.MGS ‘drum ‘N’ Bass’ Mid week […]


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