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Dj Luiz Fueggo

We return whilst staying at home ! 2 hours of House House House ! Brought to you LIVE from the House Capitol Chicago, Illinois ….and you know this !! Dj Luiz Fueggo brings a third installment of The Quarantined Edition, a non sensical pattern of House music mixed the way he knows how ! Catch […]

Isolation isn’t that bad, when you have company … Join us here on or the Free TuneIn app for another installment of “The Quarantine Edition” on THE AFTERDARK HOUSE SHOW with Dj Luiz Fueggo. Comin at ya LIVE from Chicago, Illinois The House Capitol ….and you KNOW THIS !! 2 Hours of uninhibited House […]

In the wake of the current pandemic, things are getting tense ! Chicago, Illinois (The House Capitol) will be experiencing significant lockdowns in many areas …except the airwaves !! Join us as Dj Luiz Fueggo brings you an eclectic 2 hour review of House bangers he calls …”THE QUARANTINED EDITION” Starting at 10pm LONDON, 12am […]

Hey there all …another searing 2 hours of House on a Saturday, brought to you by Dj Luiz Fueggo ! Coming at ya LIVE from Chicago, Illinois the House capitol …AND YOU KNOW THIS !! This is the last show before the Chicago Time Change, so adjusted times will be posted soon ! In the […]

Although this day only comes once every 4 years, Saturdays come once every week ….and so does another searing 2 hour session of House Music brought to by Dj Luiz Fueggo ! Comin at ya LIVE, straight from the House Capitol Chicago, Illinois…..AND YOU KNOW THIS !! 10pm to 12am LONDON, 12am to 2am JOHANNESBURG, […]

The Saturdays just keep on coming with none other than Dj Luiz Fueggo, with another searing 2 hours of House …Mixed live and coming from the House Capitol Chicago, IL ….AND YOU KNOW THIS !! Won’t you give it a listen today ? If you like House music of any nature, this is where you […]

BOOM BOOM BOOM ! Thats the best way to describe a 2 HOUR LIVE SET with your host DJ LUIZ FUEGGO ! We blast into another Saturday at: 10pm LONDON, 12am JOHANNESBURG, 1am MOSCOW, 7am TOKYO, 2pm L A, 3pm AZ, 4pm CHICAGO, 5pm NYC As usual, you can catch it here on or […]

Has another Saturday approavhed so soon ? I GUESS SO !! Join us for another 2 hour Eargasm of House with your host Dj Luiz Fueggo …on da box !! Catch it here on or stream on the go with the free TuneIn app: Winamp, iTunes Windows Media Player Real Player […]

New Heat ! New Heat ! New Heat ! Thats all we have to describe it ….Join us with host Dj Luiz Fueggo, bringing you another live 2 hour set !!

Hey there all …is it possible that another Saturday of House is here ? You bet it is ! Let’s rock another Saturday with GMDJ Luiz Fueggo as he brings yet another 2 hour set LIVE FROM CHICAGO …The House Capitol ! …and you know this ! Catch it on or on the free […]