Chicago House

Hey there peeps, we are back this Saturday with another glorious edition of Chicago Houseware Live, with ya boi GMDJ Luiz Fueggo ! 2 hours of the Bang up kind of House with Luiz Fueggo beatin it for the first hour ! For the second half, we have our great guest Dj X T […]

It’s time for SoulGlo… 2 hours of uninterrupted House, Techno, Breaks, and whatever else we like goodness to keep your Saturday moving in the right direction! The House Show Hosted by SoulGlo | Saturday’s 6:00-8:00 PM UTC – 1:00-3:00 PM EST 92.3 FM Soundwave Radio London | WORLDWIDE

Saturdays are special ….Why not lace it with House music ? We go again this Saturday LIVE FROM CHICAGO The House Capitol …and you know this !! GMDJ Luiz Fueggo pumps the House bloodflow once again, the only way he knows how !! This week we got my lil bro Dj Mad Mario, with an […]

Dont forget to tune in an hour later this week as GMDJ Luiz Fueggo brings it House style, straight from the House Music Capitol ….Chicago, IL…and you know this ! ( Quick Vic is the guest DJ for this week, so catch him in the second half of the show …… Remember, we start an […]

This Saturday we do it again …..GMDJ Luiz Fueggo beats it up like there is no tomorrow, with the flavor that can only be described as House ! This week we have guest Dj Quick Vic with a mix of mixes in the second hour of the show …..Straight Outta Chicago the House Capitol, and […]

Hey there to you ….are you ready for another Saturday beatdown, House Style ? I thought you would be ….So here it is ! Live from the House capitol, Chicago IL (…and you know this) ! Luiz Fueggo from the GMDJs ( brings you another 2 hours of Head boppin House in the first hour […]

Once again ….we House you, this and every Saturday. Listen in as Luiz Fueggo from the GMDJs ( blazes you with a 2 Hour set ….LIVE FROM THE HOUSE CAPITAL CHICAGO, IL….and you know this !! Guest DJs TBA in the upcoming weeks ….. Chicago 8 to 10am cst NYC 9 to 11am est L […]

Join us once again as our Saturday routine continues ….TO BANG !! Enjoy another Saturday House Music Beatdown as GMDJ Luiz Fueggo brings it the only way he knows how …Blisteringly Hot !! Enjoy a Live mix set from Mr Fueggo in the first Hour … Prepare yourself for GMDJ Money in the second hour, […]

Hey there ladies and gents ….Join us this Saturday for another episode of scathing House sessions to invade your earholes ! Luiz Fueggo from the Global Music DJs comes at you LIVE FROM CHICAGO, the “House Capitol” …and you know this !! The first hour is spun live by Mr Fueggo ..for the second […]

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