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Dj LimaZulu.

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The show will be presenting some of the latest tracks in the minimal techno scene as well as some older ones mixed together in an hourly set.

Dj LimaZulu started Djing back in the long gone 80’s. Found his way through to the night life of Athens Greece in the late 80’s and pursued the job of a DJ till 1992. Then he chased his other love of life, computers. Studied computer science
and he is  a holder of 2 msc’s and a PhD in cs. Back in 2013 and after a long time of upsence, he came back, one step at a time, home djing this time at the beggining. But once you have the virus…. you have it for good. Now @ the SoundWave Radio presenting the Techno Warp show every Friday 9 – 10 PM UK time. An hour of Minimal, Dark Techno Dj set.

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