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House music cannot be held down, marginalized, or restricted by format rules ....This is how we treat it here !!

"House music is the sugar and cream in my coffee ...and I need it daily" .......Luiz Fueggo



    How about a place where House music can be whatever it wants to be ? Where House music can step outside of itself, and step back in where it wants ? How about a place that doesnt distinguish the different styles of House, whether it be Old or New, Hot or Cold, Bright or Dark, Groovy or Electronic ? A place where House can stay with one style, or fly through many in a single set ? Maybe even a place where you get House DJs, who don’t play like your typical House DJs ?

The answer is RIGHT HERE !!

     Join us every Saturday coming Straight Outta Chicago, the House Capitol ….and you know this ! GMDJ Luiz Fueggo hosts CHICAGO HOUSEWARE LIVE at 8am to 10am cst. A place where House Music can never disappear …. Live House sets and frequent guest DJs will be the ticket here !

So come into this House and equip yourself with the proper utensils, that is your Houseware …CHICAGO HOUSEWARE LIVE !

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