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Music from the soul and so much more....

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DJ Nfinite has been at the nexus of music, for over half his living years as the go-to deejay for your favorite music impresario of all genres. As a Chicagoan native of the Westside, he grew up in a home where music was not a stranger.

Home was like ‘Motown Studio I’. His mother emphatically loved everything, from Oldies to Pop, and please don’t interrupt her when Smokey Robinson was crooning.


On weekends DJ Nfinite would visit ‘Motown Studio II’ aka grandma’s house. Here was grown folk music Blues, Jazz, R&B with Bobby Blue Bland and Teddy Pendergrass in the top 5 playlist.


But the get down happened at Uncle’s Joes place, with Classic Rock & Roll, Led Zepplin, Meatloaf, Aerosmith and Kiss among so many others.


DJ Nfinite KNEW he wanted to do music when George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic and Steppin hit the scene. The Hot Mix 5, 88.1 WNUR and 89.3 WKKC played Chicago House music and was the deciding factor.


Being introduced to a pair of Technic B100’s the week before DJ Red Dog rocked a birthday party on Technic 1200’s for his mom was right on time.


DJ Nfinite grew up admiring the works of Farley Jackmaster Funk, Lil Louis, DJ T Shabli and DJ Pinkhouse.


As DJ Nfinite’s passion progressed he desired the business side of the music industry, and became the most sought out DJ for several annual and local events such as “911 LemonAid Fundraiser” and various private parties on the weekends at The Wire, Hardwood, & Carrugh’s.


Giving homage to the Classics and what we hear currently, Nfinite has added DJ Mike Dunn, The Boolumaster, The Triple Threat DJs, Titan Davis, DJ Ike & DJ Reggie Acid to his list of favorites. His unique mixes and growing number of followers, landed him a weekly spot on WSRB 106.3 in Chicago where Throwback Hip Hop, R&B are played on the iconic show “The Basement”.


DJ Nfinite’s music is a culmination of diverse musical icon’s. Spanning from Classical, House, Throwback Hip-Hop, Pop, Neo Soul, Acid Jazz, Jazz, Classic R&B Soul and Underground House, he is on the move. Follow him at @djnfinite on Facebook and all other social media platforms @Nfinitesoul.

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