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Most of you already known me as M44rtin Ch a.k.a Golden Nose from Szczytno, Poland.

I've not been so fortunate enough to be born as a normal healthy baby. Due to the negligence of an intoxicated doctor I was born with cerebral palsy. Both my hands and legs have been paralyzed ever since.

I had to find something to keep me entertained in life. First came video games. Using only my foot I was doing very well even winning against other players. Later my first PC arrived as a present by my lovely grannie. Great but how will I use the keyboard? I have tried my foot but it didn’t work, then I thought maybe I should try using my nose? It wasn't easy at first at all. But I never gave up. I kept and kept practising until I can now even operate using my nose not only pc keyboard but dj equipment as well. At present what brings the most joy to my life is my family, girlfriend and last but not least mixing electronic music.

For the last 10 years I have played at various radio stations. The first festival I played infont of a crowd was at Audiolake Festival. The following year I had the chance to play along the notorious Mauro Picotto.

Lately I've been regularly streaming my live dj mix sessions at my FaceBook page. The growing userbase and possitive comments make my world go around.

However one of my 3 years old midi controller bite the dust few days ago. Currently I'm undergoing intensive rehabilitation program which consumes any pocket money I might have left.

Music helped me do become someone creative, challenge myself physically and stimulate myself mentally. The rehabilitation is helping me getting better physically.

I'm at a crossroad right now - do I stop my treatment or say farewell to my biggest passion.

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