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Lukas Satin aka Cyberluke is a 30-year old tech entrepreneur and a music producer who has a significant love for dance music.

Where did this love for music begin for you?

It has started in my childhood, I was listening to various music charts and sometime I could listen one casette for hours :-). During that time my favorite music was by 2 Unlimited, Pharao, 666, Culture Beat, Masterboy. Officially it was probably during the high school, when I bought my first DJ mixer and turntables.

Why did you decide to start producing music under the alias Cyberluke?

I played Uplink hacker PC game a lot and this was my nickname, didn’t find anything better that would suit my personality. 😀

Where can we stream your music? Are you planning to release an EP anytime soon?

Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, Shazam. A lot of places for listening, really. Yes, I would like to release it on 13th August – my birthday. But that depends, I must be happy with my finished tracks. I’ve heard that no track is finished, just abandoned. So when I abandon like 4 tracks, we could call it EP :-). Recently I got a big opportunity to spend some time in the studio with famous Topspin (No Money duo). My Drum & Bass journey started with No Money and they still kill it with their neurofunk basslines, so I’m really happy when I can like talk face to face. It is a big honor for me even I’m not telling it. Anyway, I was forced to buy a Cubase Pro, which is not cheap, so I hope we will also make some tunes together in the near future (using Reaper DAW on current projects).

How do you manage your time? Is it hard to be an artist and a CEO at the same time?

Yes, it is not easy. Sometimes I’m drained by negative people at work that I don’t have a mood to make some melodies. Sometimes I just take a vacation and close myself in the studio, that works pretty well. I try not to have a classic 8 working hours scheme, rather than work 4 hours, take 2 hours break, then work another 4 hours. It helps me maximize the actual focus & energy and not procrastinating.




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