DJ.MGS TRJ. Vol. 27 Broken Ragga HeadPhone

DJ.MGS August 7, 2020

Hit play Playah 🙂
DJ.MGS Presents: TRJ. Vol. 27 Broken Ragga HeadPhone

Tune in with T.R.Jungle,  a 2 Hour Show, with The M.\D Growling SƆi3NTiST (aKa DJ.MGS),
Even with Broken headphone the Show must Go on and his dedicated to do Just that, While Still Spinning that Ragga/Jungle, sKa, Dubplate, Dancehall, Jah, Dub’n’Vibe With the sounds You Love! Spinning Top Tunes around Town sKa, RaggaJungle, Dubvibe, he loves to Experiment with Sound. Don’t forget to Show your support for the show’s & music you love & listen to you to can Subscribe directly & be a supporting fan of M .\ D Growling SCi3NTiST wobble on and see link below:
Next Show: Drum ‘n’ Bass
When: Wed. Aug. 12. 2020
EpocH: 9.P.m E.S.T USA
Tune in: (At Time Of Show)
Subscribe: mixcloud com /DJ-MGS/select
Big Up’s ‘n’ Bless.
This mix is Taged as: sKa, Ragga, Jungle, Dubwise, global Ragga, Dubvibe, JAh, Drum and Bass

‘All Junglist Reserved’
\\Big ups ‘n’ Bleƨƨ//

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