DJ.MGS Presents.Twisted~Ragga Jungle Vol.30 Different Strokes

DJ.MGS December 27, 2019

DJ.MGS Presents.Twisted-Ragga Jungle Vol.30.Different Strokes
Big Love and respect to one and all, This is one crazy mix, Bring the sound! and he did, and as always DJ.MGS had a lot of fun with this Set, not all was in key but the tunes and the flow was good 😉 been digging deep and did a few remixes on the fly, hopes you to get into the Flow 😉 Not a Twisted Subscriber? see DJ.MGS MixCloud for more info…
We will be back on N.Y.Day with the AfterDark Drum n Bass Radio show
As always, comments are welcomed or if you prefer, you can email below
Big ups and Bless Via DJ.MGS

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