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DJ.MGS Presents d’N’b Vol. 42 for July 3. 2019. ‘On a Bass Roll’

DJ.MGS July 3, 2019

Hello, it would mean so much to DJ.MGS, if our listeners & fans/followers show support for the shows as a ‘Select Member Exclusive’ this would also support the ‘Artist(s)’ in our mixes, so Big Ups! as this is our ‘First D’n’b Select Exclusive, for Mixcloud‘.
DJ.MGS Presents: After Dark d’N’b Uploaded Vol. 42 Get Ready, We hear you like drum’N’bass? Well Do you P.U.N.K?  Be sure to Tune in Each and every Wed at 9 Pm EST on Soundwave Radio No Guest mix This Week, However, Epic mixing and Bass Rollers are on the way Rocking you Out for the next 2 hours! in This Mix: DLR, META, Origin Unknown, Fokus, Tarz, Dimension, Canna, Project Lando & many many more, You Don’t Wanna Miss This Show! Don’t forget We will be back with more Mixes ‘This Friday With the ‘Twisted Ragga Jungle’ (TRj) Big ups to the ‘Mix Cloud Crew and Listeners Alike, Thank you ‘All’ for the Support on the Shows over the years! Big Up’s ‘N’ respect, to Each ‘n’ everyone of you! and Hopes you leave some nice Positive Feed back…

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After Dark d’N’b with: DJ.MGS

After Dark d'N'b By DJ.MGS

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