DJ.MGS aKa Mad Growling SCi3NTiST Drum n Bass.Vol.56.Bass~Box

DJMGS November 13, 2019

AfterDark DJ.MGS aKa Mad Growling SCi3NTiST Drum n Bass.Vol.56.Bass~Box
This is Another mix, full of Bass and Drum 😉 feeling the ViBe, the take off, with the heavy Rollers Bass & small breaks, leaving you just enough room to Catch your Breath as we go on a roll-a-costar Ryde, Bringing Fyre and lighting up the Atmosphere along the ways,
we have a lot of new Tracks in this Mix, We do hopes you Like the Shows. Please Note: all Votes, Fave’s, Re post are Purely done by YOU! DJ.MGS dose Not ‘Buy Likes’ to Promote the shows, this is all done by YOU, as DJ.MGS prefers the Natural way, with a Natural Audience, Keeping it Real. this is why DJ.MGS Asks you to Please Vote, Re post Fave and Replay is A.OK 🙂
Watcha ya Bass Bins and use a Sub Bass 3D or head phones for Best Sound for that Deep Roller Bass VIBE that we all LOVE.

Here are a few Questions let us know what your thoughts are:
What you ‘Likes’ about this mix?
Was the mix a ‘Good Flow’?
did you enjoy the ‘Effects’ thru out the mix Example: Stereo Panning and Echos.
Did you have time to catch your ‘Breath’?
Big Ups n Bless, By DJ.MGS


After Dark d’N’b with: DJ.MGS

After Dark d'N'b By DJ.MGS

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