AfterDark With DJ.MGS TRJ Vol.24 ONE-LOVE!

DJ.MGS July 3, 2020

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If you Missed the TRJ Show….. No Worries…. we got ya Back… Play This now!
Afterꓷarʞ With DJ.MGS Twiƨted Ragga Jungle… Oh Yes,, We’Re Back, and the Show Must Go on, Tune in for a Banging uplifting 2Hr Jungle-Jamed-Packed Show, With The M.\D Growling SƆiENTiST (aKa DJ.MGS) Spinning that Ragga/Jungle, sKa, Dubplate, Dancehall, Jah, Dub’n’Vibe Drum n Bass ‘n’ some Top Tunes and Re-mixes to Get You up uplifted and Promote Positive Vibes Tho-out… Tune in: Fri 9PM EST New-York // 6PM P.D.T ⏱,@ 0200 London (UK) ⏱, 0300 Rome / Jo-burg  ⏱, All Via Soundwave radio…

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NEXT Show: Drum n Bass: July. 8. 2020.

Keeping the ViBe Aliv3 42020
‘All Junglists Reserved’
\\Big ups ‘n’ Bleƨƨ//

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