AfterDark With DJ.MGS Drum n Bass Vol.29 Cosmological Shift.

DJ.MGS August 19, 2020

DJ.MGS Drum n Bass Vol.29 Cosmological Shift.
Would L.o.v.e. to do a set like this in your Club 😉
The Title says it all, Inspired by: Dj. Miss J. Dj. Embryo, Lana M, Dj. STP, Dj. SILVA B And the S.R.J Crew Big Ups,, If you all really L.o.v.e. D’n’b then Give this MiX a big Phat Thumbs uP! as its 100% Bang on! Stepping Thru Sub-genre of Drum ‘n’ Bass/Liquid, Rollers, Jump up and Ragga/Jungle Crossovers to Bring you This ‘New Exciting’ Flavor of a MiX that’s just going to Make you ‘Want M.O.R.E!!!!’ and leaving enough room to catch your Breath. Don’t forget to Show your support for the show’s & music you love & listen to, by Subscribing to M .\ D Growling SCi3NTiST, wobble on, and see Link below:
Next Show: Twisted Ragga Jungle (T.R.J)
When: Fri, Aug.21. 2020
EpocH: 9.P.m E.S.T USA
Tune in: (At Time Of Show (: Soundwaveradio 😉
Big Up’s ‘n’ Bless…
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After Dark d’N’b with: DJ.MGS

After Dark d'N'b By DJ.MGS

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