AfterDark DJ.MGS Vol.24.Drum and Bass at the Magic Roundabout

DJ.MGS July 15, 2020

‘DJ.MGS Presents: Vol.24.Drum and Bass at the Magic Roundabout’
Oh Yes Yes, Who’s up for ‘Drum n Bass 😉 Busting out the ‘Jams’ & mixing em up With Mad Growling SC3iNT3ST, His At it Yet Again, for another Drum n Bass Episode Just4You! & Digging into all sorts of Sub-genres Whilst, Keeping the Flow Moving Thru out the mix, Get Ready, as we are about to ROCK ya Socks off with some Epic Mixing along the ways, Keeping you hanging on and ‘Wanting MORE!!!!’
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Big ups Respect to One ‘n’ All
Next Show: T.R.J
When: Fri 9.Pm EST USA on July. 17. 2020
Where: Tune in at time of show: Soundwave radio
Contact: DJ.MGS below
Big Up’s ‘n’ Bless…

After Dark d’N’b with: DJ.MGS

After Dark d'N'b By DJ.MGS

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