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We return live with resident DJ Graeme Richardson for 2 hours uplifting house

Resident DJ Graeme Richardson returns in 1 hour at 6pm UK for another rammed show full of uplifting piano house tracks.

The Afterdark lockdown techno show hosted by Geezzaa.
Fuck it lets party…

TUNE IN TONIGHT for the LIVE SHOW! Afterꓷarʞ With DJ.MGƨ Twiƨted Ragga Jungle… Fanƨ of all Shapeƨ and Sizes 😉 it’s that time, Alomost! well Tune in for a 2Hr Packed Show. With, The M.\D Growling SƆiENTiST (aKa DJ.MGS) Spinning Some Top Ragga/Jungle, DubPlate, sKa, Dancehall, Jah, Dub’n’Vibe Around Town, and We’ll be Heading To […]

Minimal and deep tech vibes for a Journeys night tonight

Tune in tonight OR your A.M ( depending on ya time Zone 🙂 Afteɹ Dɐrʞ Global Danger Drum ‘n’ Bɐƨƨ Radio Show, With DJ.MGS ɐKɐ Mad Growling SCi3NTiST will be on Air: Wednesdɐy at 9. PM.EST USAon this date: Arp.29. 2020,, We got the Drum’n’Bass and Stepping up his Game,  So Get Ready… big ups […]

Wednesday 29/4/2020: ⏱ 20:00 London (UK) 🇬🇧 ⏱ 21:00 Rome, Johannesburg 🇮🇹🇿🇦 ⏱ 15:00 New York 🇺🇸 TSOS aka The Scientists Of Sound in AfterDark house with kLEMENZ! Don’t miss out this treat for ears!

💥💥💥🥳🥳🥳 LIVE in one hour 🥳🥳🥳💥💥💥 Episode 118 of After Dark Trance. Featuring some of the latest available and promo tracks from the best artists in the Trance family. A big thank to all artists and to my growing listeners. I hope you all can join me once more on a Trance journey to 138 […]

After Dark Techno two hours Techno selection by Dab on After Dark Techno hosted by Paolo FeiEvery monday from 10pm (London time) Reloaded on techno channelevery thursday from 07pm (London time) and every sunday from 00am (London time) Missed the show ???

⏱ 20:00 London (UK) 🇬🇧 ⏱ 21:00 Rome, Joburg 🇮🇹🇿🇦 ⏱ 15:00 New York 🇺🇸 Italian afro house duo T S O S this Wednesdy in AfterDark House with Klemenz! Don’t miss out this treat for ears!!   TSOS are back on Soundwave Radio in AfterDark house hosted by kLEMENZ! Dynamic rapidly rising Italian star duo TSOS, formerly ˝The Scientists of Sound˝, Roberto Reale & Fabio […]

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