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Soundwave are employing established and experienced promoters across England, Scotland and wales for the upcoming Soundwave world tour auditions. Each of the Red dots on the map indicate the areas that we wish to hold our auditions in.

In true soundwave style, we have been travelling the world putting on Auditions at hundreds of clubs, Identifying raw talant and spotting talanted Djs to represent Soundwave globally and sending them to festivals and club events all accross the globe.

Our events attract a lot of attention from the music industry and we aim to bring Headliner acts, Guest judges , Talant scouts ,Musical Agents, Music publishers and local mediia into each audition event to boost ticket sales.
Each event is advertised massively Via radio advertising, local media, Social media , Digital advertising and posters/fliers

Soundwave is planning to hold these auditions over 1 weekend every year in each city/town -and a monthly event in each city which we will ask you to promote for Soundwave.

Monthly events.

Soundwave will be establishing a monthly event in each city. Thiss means more work coming in for you . Soundwave Djs , + guests will perform and at the larger clubs we will bring in our international Djs that have won our auditions in their country.
These events are the driving force of Soundwave and lead to much bigger things in the Music world like our Guinness book of records attempt for 2021 – In 2021 we aim to have a Soundwave event on the same night in every major city across Europe, America, South Africa, UK, Canada, Japan and New Zealand.


Your tasks as a Soundwave promoter.

The process was very simple to follow and i did not need to pay any money out of my pocket – Jp@Club 9 Durban

Please note- we do not expect you to pay out of your pocket.

If you need something special to successfully hold our auditions   – let us know and we will have it sent to you or make arrangements for it to be there on the day.


  1.  Setup an event with the clubs you are already working with and notify us of their acceptance so we can arrange the fine print details.
  2.  We will send you a contract for the club and ask you to witness the signature, then return it to us in pre paid envelope.
  3.  We will send you event posters to put up at your event, we ask you to make sure these are put up in the club.
  4. Tell all your friends and advertise the night across social media.
  5. On the night, Meet the Soundwave crew 1 hour before the Event so that can setup streaming and cameras.
  6. Meet and greet the Djs , Guests , media and public
  7. After the event finishes liaise with Soundwave management and collect your payment. This can be in cash or in the event of all ticket sales we can make payment by pingit or bank transfer.

For this we pay  25% of all door takings. +2. 75% of any sponsorship/investment attached to this event.


All payments made on the night.



To apply please fill out the application form below.





Soundwave complies with the UK Data protection Act and will not pass any private details to any third party.

Thank you for for your application, A member of our promotions team will be in contact with you within 24hrs

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